Australian Shepherds and Flatcoated Retrievers
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About Us

Lamintone is a small family kennel that has owned Flatcoats since 1997. Our first Flatcoat joined the family with the intention of her being a family pet with the possibility that we may show her. We did venture into the show ring with Jess and from there we haven't looked back. Jess did well as show dog and proved to be an excellent dog for KCJO/YKC activities. Taking part in KCJO/YKC activities opened up a whole new world to us and led to us doing agility, obedience and handling, as well as showing in the breed ring.

Our second Flatcoat, Guy, joined the family and started down the same path as Jess. While Heather was away at University we took a break from competing until her studies were finished. With the arrival of Fidget we started to get back into the swing of things and haven't looked back since.

For many years we had admired the Australian Shepherd and, after a very long wait, our first Aussie, Reva, arrived. Reva  opened a whole new world to us and did much more than we ever hoped. Reva was just the start of our journey with Aussies.

We are based in two separate locations. The main home of the Lamintone is in the Shropshire countryside where Cynthia does a lot of the background work, mainly with the flatcoats. Heather is based in Buckinghamshire on the edge of the Chilterns, where she continues working the dogs in various disciplines.

Our dogs only attend a limited number of shows, fitting appearances in the breed rings around the shedules for the two different breeds as well as in the obedience and agility rings.

We breed both Flatcoats and Aussies but we only look to breed a litter when we are ready to add another puppy to our own family..


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